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D-1280X Gas & Diesel Engines

B-15 Fuel Additive Formula

R-4000 Fuel Additive Formula

T-50 Two-Stroke Formula

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No other fuel treatment can do what Omstar D-1280xTM does. Omstar D-1280x substantially reduces harmful engine emissions such as hydrocarbons and particulates, decreases exhaust smoke opacity (black smoke), increases engine efficiency and fuel mileage while decreasing engine and exhaust temperatures. Cleans your engine's fuel system and combustion chambers and It's non-toxic and good for your engine.

OMSTAR D-1280X sets the pace with its unprecedented synthetic fuel additives “straight chain esters” that are engineered and molecularly designed to meet the future challenges and technologies for years to come. Reliable history proofing D-1280x withstands the stresses in high-performance engines as well as restoring engine life in older engines and extending motor life to all engines and reducing emissions. Uniform straight chain molecular esters lends itself to increased maximum fuel and emissions efficiency with every stroke of the engine. OMSTAR D-1280X products offer clean, maximum efficient engine operation, excellent cold-start performance, outstanding high-temperature deposit control, emissions system protection and superior lubricity and metal wear protection to help reduce internal engine heat for longer life with maximum performance.

OMSTAR D-1280X fuel additive products deliver a level of extreme reliable performance that will satisfy the most critical skeptics of fuel additives.




CalTest Instruments Inc. Receives 2013 Wilmington Program Award!


Our blending facility meets and exceeded the standard set by

9001: 2008 Certified Blending Facility

Omstar D-1280X Available To The U.S. Public

The Key to Additive Regiments

OMSTAR D-1280X fuel and oil additives are ideal for marine or automotive gasoline engines, diesel engines, domestic or heavy commercial vehicle applications. OMSTAR D-1280X dedicates its automotive fuel additives research to identifying deficiencies in combustion engines, then built its fuel additive molecule by molecule to counter those deficiencies. Precision blends of OMSTAR D-1280X fuel additives are trusted across the globe to maximize efficiency and release the full potential of the most demanding engine ,boiler, or furnances using bunker or furnance fuels.

Testing of Our Secret Formula Still Continues All Over The Globe!

Gasoline Prices

Over a Quarter of a Century of Successful On-going

Heavy-Duty Off-Road Equipment

All construction equipment applications offer a severe environment for lubricants. They generally operate under heavy loads, in dusty, dirty conditions and they’re expected to perform in extreme temperatures and long hours. Heavy-duty off-road construction equipment fuel additives and engine oil additives are critical in assisting equipment reliability for completion of big jobs that are pushed to their operational limits in the name of productivity and time-lines.

2014 US National

What’s In Your Fuel and Oil Additives?

1986-10-03-SCAQMD (1).pdf

1986-10-03 SCAQMD Positive Report

1989 Port-of-LA-Vessel CondorTests 7-89.pdf

1989 Port-of-LA Vessel Condor Bunker Fuel HFO’sTesting


1988-1992-LAX Shuttle Bus 4 year study

2000-06-24-USMC-Camp_Pendleton (1).pdf

2000-06-24 USMC-Camp Pendleton


2004-11-ARB-Omstar Report Summary

2008 Pepsi-Cola Philippines B-15 Boiler Test and Summary.pdf

2008 Pepsi-Cola Philippines B-15 Boiler Test and Summary

2009-WarrenCAT Tests w pixs 5-11.pdf

2009 Warren CAT additive Tests 5-11


2009-08-10 E3 Energy Partners

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Additional Benefits of D-1280X  Fuel Additives

D-1280x has fuel additives that will benefit the farming and agriculture industry, farming equipment, ferry boats, sportfishing boats or bunker fuels for light or heavy fuel oils for boilers. Other equipment that benefit are stand alone generators, power plants, ships, vessels of all kind, as well as trains and rail systems. Also diesel engines using any type of diesel fuel, bunker, and bio-diesel fuels benefit.

D-1280X is also an all-purpose automobile fuel additives for gasoline engines and any fuels blended with Ethanol or Methanol which dries up lubricity ... D-1280X will replace it and then sum.

 A special 2-stroke formula pre-mix T-50 blend available for all lawn and garden or home and garden equipment as well as motorcycles, golf-karts, go-karts, and all your personal powersports equipment with 2-cycle engines.

Use a Real Working Automotive, Marine & Industrial Fuel Additive?